Tips for Decorating a Loft

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When decorating a loft, it is important to consider the character or history of the space. Traditionally, lofts were built in factories and warehouses. Today, loft living encompasses an urban way of life, from traditional loft architecture to a modern lifestyle.  How will you choose to decorate your apartment loft at Block 2 Lofts Apartments in Downtown Little Rock?

Define Your Space
Start by walking around your loft to find the best spot for the living area, sleeping space and dining room. Base your decisions on where the kitchen and bathroom are located, and how the windows are arranged.

The living area should have a room with a view, so arrange your sofa where you will be able to enjoy gazing at the lights of the city in the evening. Windows will also be a factor in your bedroom space, since you may not enjoy awakening to the sun shining through a large window every morning. Once you decide on the lay out, sketch a map to help you keep track as the decorating process begins.

Divide Your Space
Once you have defined your space, there are a few tricks to divide it. This can be done with furniture pieces like bookcases or tables that will act as a border to different rooms. You can also use a raised platform to set apart the bedroom from the rest of the home.

Screens or room dividers are the perfect accessories for loft living; another option is to hang fabric screens from your high ceiling to act as makeshift walls dividing your various living spaces.

Choose a Style
Most lofts lend themselves well to a contemporary style of décor, with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. Combine a variety of natural materials like wood and stone with manmade elements such as glass and stainless steel for a chic, modern look. Add a few house plants and rich fabrics to soften the space. 

Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of these Pinterest boards for some cool ideas for your space.  Did you do something amazing in your apartment home here at Block 2 Lofts? Share it with us!

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