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Loft vs Studio

Loft vs Studio

About 38% of renters live in apartment buildings, and those buildings come in all shapes and sizes. From tiny micro-studios to huge penthouse apartments that seem more like houses, there's a big range! What will your next apartment look like?

While there are many different apartment layouts, the most common types of apartments are fairly small. The average person is looking at things like lofts and studios. But what's the difference between a loft vs a studio?

Let's talk about it! Read on to learn more.

Qualities of a Loft Apartment

So what makes an apartment a loft? A "loft" sounds quite fancy, but at the end of the day, it's not that different from a studio. Traditional lofts and modern lofts aren't the same, but there are a few general features you can expect from these types of apartments.

Here's a quick rundown:

a living room with a couch and a table in front of a window

Open Layout

A loft apartment typically features an open layout with high ceilings (which are necessary given the lofted area). It often has an industrial or warehouse aesthetic, as many lofts are converted from former industrial spaces. However, this aesthetic isn't strictly necessary.

The main level is often set up like a studio, but some apartment buildings do offer lofts with multiple bedrooms as well.

Mezzanine Level

One distinctive feature of loft apartments is the presence of a mezzanine level, which is a partial floor that overlooks the main living space. In other words, it's the actual "loft" part of the loft apartment.

This level might serve as a bedroom or an additional living area. In most cases, this is going to be advertised as the bedroom, but not everyone will choose to use it that way. Some people would prefer to use the loft as a living room, a reading nook, a storage area, or even a guest sleeping area.

What you do with your loft is up to you.

Exposed Elements

Traditional lofts often showcase industrial elements such as exposed brick walls, ductwork, and large windows. The design emphasizes the raw and unpolished characteristics of the space.

Even if the loft is modern and finished, the large windows still make sense. After all, your loft will still have a wonderfully high ceiling, and those windows will make the space seem larger and brighter.

Spacious Feel

Speaking of a large and bright apartment, lofts tend to feel spacious even when, as far as square footage goes, they aren't. The open layout and high ceilings contribute to a sense of spaciousness.

Lofts are popular amongst those who appreciate a more unconventional and flexible living environment. They don't mind going up and down into the loft, and they love the idea of an otherwise open floor plan.

Pros and Cons of a Loft Apartment

Is a loft apartment right for you? This cool apartment style can be great for a lot of people. Let's talk about the pros first:

  • High ceilings
  • Feels more spacious than it is
  • Cool lofted area
  • Extra space/li>
  • Separate sleeping space or guest space
That said, lofts aren't always the best for everyone. Some people may not want to live in a loft. Here are some potential cons to consider:
  • Unorthodox floorplan
  • Studio-style space may be too small

Lofts are cool spaces, but they may not be right for you.

Qualities of a Studio Apartment

So what about studios? A studio apartment is one of the most popular apartment options for people first living on their own or living in a major city. What sets a studio apart?

Let's talk about it.

studio floor plan

Single Room Setup

A studio apartment is a single-room space (aside from the bathroom) that combines the living, sleeping, and kitchen areas into one open space. It is a self-contained unit with no separate bedrooms.

In some cases, a studio will have a separate kitchen. A studio may also have sectioned-off nooks, or it may be square-shaped, depending on the design.

Compact Design

Studios are designed for efficiency and functionality, maximizing the use of limited space. They typically have a smaller footprint compared to lofts.

This compact design is great for minimalists and easy to clean. While it can be challenging for anyone with a lot of furniture, it's perfect for anyone who's new to living alone or who hasn't collected many furniture pieces of their own yet.

Basic Kitchen and Bathroom

Studios tend to come with a compact kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen area is often equipped with essential appliances, but it is smaller than what you might find in a larger apartment. While some studios have large kitchens, you should expect a small-to-medium one.

The bathroom has everything that you could possibly need, but the space is still compact.


Studios are versatile living spaces that are best for individuals. While small groups can live in studios, it's definitely not the most convenient option.

Studios are often chosen for their affordability and simplicity. They provide a cost-effective option for those who want to live somewhere central and who don't need a lot of space or storage.

Pros and Cons of Living in a Studio

So is a studio apartment right for you? Studio living isn't for everyone. First, let's talk about the pros of living in a studio:

  • Affordability
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for one person
  • Easy to decorate
  • Minimalist lifestyle

However, living in a studio apartment isn't going to be right for everyone. There are, of course, downsides as well. Here are a few cons:

Only you can decide if you can tolerate the cons.

renter looking out window

A Loft vs a Studio: Which is Right for You?

Choosing between a loft vs. a studio is going to be tough! Both apartment types have their pros and cons. We recommend that you do walk-throughs of both so you can see them in person before making your decision.

Are you ready to find your new perfect apartment? At Block 2 Lofts, we have a variety of fantastic pet-friendly floorplans with great amenities for you to choose from! Schedule your tour with us today.